Just a quick announcement. Arcnerva was recently published in the 27th Issue of Advanced Photoshop Magazine Netherlands. We just received our copy in the mail and although we can’t really read it, its chock full of fancy pictures that keep us flipping the pages. Our Photoshop brush set 50 Deadly Tron Grids was once again a topic of conversation in the issue and like the last time they are included on the disc. If you have a pension for graphic design and payed attention in Dutch class you can head over to the AP Netherlands Website and buy yourself a copy. We posted a few images below of the inside of the magazine including the CD section with the bit about our brushes. Thanks again to Advanced Photoshop for the continued appreciation and support, we’re big fans.

ap magazine netherlands issue 27Page GraphicsAdvanced Photoshop NL 27 CD PagesArcnerva Graphic DesignAdvanced Photoshop NL PageGlossary PagesGorilla Graphic

As always beautiful work from some very talented artists. We need to get to work on a cover submission pretty soon. We’ll keep you posted if anything materializes.

Like the time it would take to do that.