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Isometrica Volume 1: An Isometric Social Icons Set

We have been talking around the laboratory (arcLab) about releasing a social icons set for the past few months now. There are a lot of different types of social icons out there. So we wanted to mix it up a little and try to do something a little different. Recently we made contact with Jacob [...]

Photoshop Brushes: 50 Deadly Tron Grids

I’m not exactly sure why I didn’t post about this a couple months ago. Its probably because we have been so busy but that really isn’t a good excuse. So, at the beginning of January I put together a pack of brushes illustriously titled “50 Deadly Tron Grids” and sent them off to a couple [...]

Beautiful Light Trails Using Christmas Lights

Well, it’s that time of year. Dragging the Christmas tree to the curb and packing up all the lights and paraphernalia, for many, is a yearly tradition. But before you go throwing your giant knot balls of Christmas lights back into their dusty seclusion, consider playing around with them a little first. I’ll use anything I [...]