I’m not exactly sure why I didn’t post about this a couple months ago. Its probably because we have been so busy but that really isn’t a good excuse.

So, at the beginning of January I put together a pack of brushes illustriously titled “50 Deadly Tron Grids” and sent them off to a couple sites to check out. The brushes are basically a group of different grid sizes and shapes that I thought were pretty cool and might be helpful for others. I really wasn’t sure if I was going to post them here or not as I felt like that depended a lot on if people gave them even the slightest bit of attention. Its going on three months now and they have been scattered all over the internet, even featured on Abduzeedo (thanks for the love guys, we are big fans).

We are all just tickled down to our carcasses by all the positive response we have received and I would personally like to thank everyone in the Graphic Design scene that decided 50 deserved the attention she has received. Naturally, I figured I should probably (finally) give them the reward they have been lacking, a proper home here on the arcserver.

So, without further a due (too late?) – this aint your momma’s brush set…

…its 50 Deadly Tron Grids.

deadly tron grids thumbnails